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Rejuvenate your tired body with a Shiatsu massage or acupressure from Golden Palace Massage in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have been in the business of providing holistic wellness for more than 10 years. Our services also include:

Thai Massage • Shiatsu • Deep Tissue Massage • Hot Stone or Oil Massage • Lava Shell Massage • Sea Salt Scrubbing • Swedish

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Acupressure Massage

Acupressure Massage is a traditional Chinese healing technique, thousands of years old. This technique is derived from acupuncture, and uses pressure, with the hand, fingers, elbow, or other devices, on acupuncture points rather than using the traditional needles, to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. You can experience tremendous relief and relaxation with this method. When acupressure points are pressed, they release tension and help blood circulation and the body’s energy life force to aid healing. When Acupressure Massage is combined with gentle energy massage, such as Esalen Massage, the results are enhanced.

Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

Myofascial Release Massage Therapy is a manual massage technique for stretching the fascia and releasing bonds between fascia and muscles, with the goal of eliminating pain, increasing range of motion and equalization of the bodily system. Myofascial release can involve applying compression or tension in various directions, or by skin rolling. Note: this type of therapy/massage can really help to “unstick” muscles, and increase the normal flow of energy, blood and oxygen in the body.

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is based on acupressure points in the hands, feet and ears that relate to every organ, gland, and system of the body. Based on an ancient Chinese therapy, reflexology massage uses manipulation of specific areas in the foot, hands, and ears. This type of bodywork uses varying levels of pressure to these points to help stimulate body organs, open up energy flows and relieve areas that may be blocked. Reflexology works with the body’s natural energy system to stimulate the immune system and initiate self-healing. Reflexology also helps to reduce pain, increase relaxation, reduce stress, and stimulate circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese type of massage therapy that uses pressure applied with the thumbs, fingers and palms. This pressure is applied to the same “meridians” as acupressure and incorporated stretching. It also includes techniques such as rolling, brushing, vibrating, grasping, and in one particular technique, pressure is applied with the feet on the persons back, legs and feet.
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Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic in nature, the deep tissue massage works deep into muscle tissues, along and across the fibers. These slow, deep movements are used to release muscles, improve circulation to the surrounding tissues, and increase range of motion. This therapeutic massage stimulated pressure points to rebalance the body and relieve tensions and stress, generating overall sense of well-being.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most widely known form of massage therapy. This type of massage uses five styles of long, flowing strokes to massage. The five strokes are: Effleurage - which is sliding or gliding; Petrissage – kneading; Tapotement – rhythmic tapping; Friction – working across the muscle fiber; Vibration and shaking. Swedish Massage has consistently been shown to be helpful in: Reducing pain; helping joint stiffness; Increasing flexibility and joint function; Improving circulation.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is around 2500 years old, and originated in India. It is based on ayurvedic healing massage & Yoga, This technique combines massage with yoga-like positions during the course of the massage. The northern style of Thai Massage emphasizes stretching while the southern style focuses more on acupressure.

Stone Massage

Hot Stone Therapy involves the application of water-heated basalt stones, which are gently rolled over the body as an extension of the therapist’s hands. Heat emanating from the stones allows your massage therapist to manipulate muscles to a greater intensity without the use of intense pressure associated with deep tissue massage. Experience a deep state of deep relaxation and warmth during your heated and heart-lifting therapy. In some lines of thinking, this smoothing of the stones by the natural forces of nature, increases the energy contained within the stone, and thus increases the healing potential when used in massage. As the stones are placed along the clients back, especially along acupressure meridians, they help to retain heat which then deeply penetrates into the muscles, releasing tension. This popular and unique service will soothe and revive you.    
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Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell Massage utilizes Tiger Clam Shells from the Philippines. The reusable shells are polished, and a plug hole is drilled in one side. Inside that hole is stuffed a sachet of minerals, dried sea kelp, and algae mixed with salt water and essential oils. When the therapist adds water and plugs the hole, a chemical reaction causes heat that lasts approximately one hour or more. Since they are highly polished they glide easily over the skin and feel very nice. They then to hold there heat longer than stones. The Lava Shell Massage is very relaxing, soothing & gentle. It’s a good choice if you like heat and just want to relax .

Sea Salt Scrub

Sea salts and Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate, both commonly used in the beauty industry, contain minerals that can help to enhance the skin. The magnesium in Epsom salts can reduce inflammation, while sulfates flush out toxins, according to the Epsom Salt Council. Sea salt, derived from evaporated seawater, is also chocked full of minerals beneficial to the skin. When mixed with olive, almond or rosehip oil, salt can breathe new life into tired skin.


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